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Submitted by Gonzalo a AudioPhile

Date Reviewed: October 26, 2009

Bottom Line:   

I bought a few months a go 2 pairs of these cables to connect form DAC into preamp and form Preamp into Amplifier all tube based world class stuff, I must confess that the first impression was very good, after a few weeks of playing they grew on me like an addiction to something that is good for you.
Simply amazing, favourably compares with other cables in the price range and then some . . . the top to bottom balance is superb, imaging is absolutely pinpointing layer upon layers of music and space.Hope this helps a little;Enjoy the music!


Submitted by palorte a AudioPhile

Date Reviewed: April 30, 2008

Bottom Line:   

This review is for a couple of pairs of PSC Litz III pure silver interconnects RCA terminated.
The interconnects look initially professionally done but a little in the hand made side of things (built to purpose)), the jacket used is not very impressive, the connnectors sem very solid adn tight, I have sold a few of my favorite interconnects to a good friend that was budding me to sell them my cbales for a while so before parting with them Ihad a listen though not all the way burned in yet immediately the PSC cables showed their superiority to anything else i had in this system before, even some super expensive i had on loan form another audio buddy. just to name something I am familiar with better than the NBS at almost 3 times the price, now that is an achievement really.
Light years better than the best silver Kimber, XLO, MIT, Shunyata top end, even tried some of the musician’s choice like Zaolla were tested and compared to Siltech, to perfectly transparent, i was floored by its performance i was not expecting the cables to be so extremely revealing of flaws in the rest of the system that i already started correcting, like tube rolling with better idea now . . . I discovered inconsistencies in my system that I thought were room modes, reflections etc., this cable tells it like it is, I have never had a cable like that before (and I had many . . . many in this system).Certain cables spotlight different areas of a presentation (or a performance) but very few cables do arealistic, noted improvement through the whole audio band, and clean up the picture at the same time .. simply amazing , , how PSC does it? don’t ask me . .. I don’t know . . their secret I guess . . .. I know they do it,
The low bass is deeper with more authority, better pitch and more tuneful, the upper bass if full of detail and textures, the mids are clean clear precise, voices are portrayed with body and almost flesh . .. the lower and upper top end is pristine, transparent and airy in a way that it is almost too hard to believe, really!!.
With this experience i can’t wait to hear what other cables they make, speakers cables, power cables etc.
I’m getting a couple of cables more I think and sell my other silver stuff and copper stuff, I know i just discovered something good here.
too bad the shipping from Australia, otherwise this will be a lot easier.
Detail, inner information, absolutely authentic timbre from brasses to violins to pianos and especially female voices, ohh so real.
Stage presentation is very well layered very wide and scary deep.
bass extremely tuneful , tight, vibrating and dynamic, mids are just so real, top end is simply amazingly transparent, lot and lots of air up there.

instruments are firmly anchored in their own 3-D space forming a very natural and believable presentation not forward, not laid back either, just floating in front of the listener between the speakers (and all around them as well).not laid back, not forward, either its what it is in the recording, without imparting any sound of its own, simply getting out of the way, the words absolute transparency, speed, full body, timbrally correct they all come to mind by listening to this par of interconnects.
best IC cable thus far, bar none!


Submitted by Tyrone a AudioPhile

Date Reviewed: February 13, 2008

Bottom Line:   

I actually been using his PSC custom cables now for over a year and find them to be tremendous in terms of sound. Very detailed with plenty of body to boot. I’ve compared his cables with many others at my place and fellow audiophiles and they all admire the sonic qualities PSC has to offer.

Even though the cables are extremely revealing, there is no sense of harshness associated with their products, just smooth layered sound with plenty of detail.

Just note these cables are hand made, thus slight cosmetic imperfections are to be expected.


Submitted by Rohan Jackson a Audiophile

Date Reviewed: February 11, 2000

Bottom Line:   

These cables have EVERYTHING. Layers of depth, awesome width, pinpoint imaging. They are tonally perfect, with no colouration. The bottom end is so controlled, clean and effortless its SCARY. The cable is utterly transparent to all corners off the soundstage, and the transients are quick. This cable leaves massed produced stuff for DEAD. You haven’t experienced sonic NIRVANA, until you have heard this cable. But be warned, if your system has any deficiencies, this cable will show them up, as it is COMPLETELY revealing.

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